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Why an Audiophile  for designing your system?

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Marc Anthony”

Ed Masterson, Owner/Engineer, is an “audiophile” by definition… and what this means is that he is driven by a passion to create the most “life like” sound possible. With an ultimate goal to give people the opportunity to experience a believable three dimensional image before them. Thus the name “Audible Images”.  See Ed’s High End AV Dream Designs here.

Our Audible Images AV YouTube channelFeel free to visit our YouTube channel, to browse answers that Ed provides about many AV questions that were asked, also, Videos of new product explanations and our experiences with them and much more! We have a number of playlists on our Audible Images AV YouTube channel.  Also, please subscribe to the channel and leave any comments or questions that you might have.

Continuing on, Ed grew up in a family of Hobby and professional musicians. He never took up an instrument, but due to his exposure to live instruments he became acutely aware of how stereos did not sound like the “real” thing…this is how his passion began.

As a child, Ed started playing with clock radios and car stereos, this led him to attain a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Central Florida. His Electrical Engineering Career limited
his passion for sound to a hobby.  After working at Kennedy Space Center for a Defense Contractor, he then moved to California (Silicon Valley) to work in the development of machines that create computer chips. He designed
power distribution and control systems for equipment. Eventually he took a position in Santa Cruz, Ca (close to some of the best surf in the world) as a division manager that designed industrial computers w/ custom LCD displays.  

Read More about Ed, on the “About Us” page here, and scroll down it, for his Bio >>

Also, see our Custom Audio / Video Integration services here, for any type of project.


Ed's passion for designing systems and discussing his design approach.

Music Works Just Like a Drug…

and it’s healing power is all Natural.

Read the article “Your Brain On Music”:

Two UCF professors – neuroscientist Kiminobu Sugaya and world-renowned violinist Ayako Yonetani teach a class at Burnett Honors College, UCF.  “Music and the Brain”.  Shares how music impacts brain function and human behavior, from stress reduction, to pain, with depression and they teach how people with Alzheimers’s and Parkinson’s also respond positively to music. Do your loved ones a massive favor and read:  See “Your Brain On Music” article here.

The Hippocampus is the part of the brain highlighted, See the article called, "Your Brain on Music" , 2 UCF Professors, Pegasus Magazine, Summer 2017

A Preview of our Showroom

The Showroom in Historic Downtown, Eau Gallie Art District
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Visit Our 3 Listening / Reference Rooms

The Transporter

The Virtual Time Machine - Theater - Listening Room

Experience an Audible Images AV Dream Design. “The Transporter” is our acoustically optimized & treated dedicated theater and listening room loaded with the very finest electronics, speakers and cabling. Prepare to be transported thru space & time to concert halls, movie scenes and live sporting events.

Check out “The Transporter” here.

The Great Room

The Great Room

Experience a wide range of high performance sound systems in an open architecture setting common in modern home design. Find out why we call it “The Great Room”.

Check out The Great Room here

The Escape Pod

The Escape Pod

Audition reasonably priced Theater and multiple Sound Systems in a spare bedroom type of setting. Shut the door, melt in the couch and you will quickly know why we call it “The Escape Pod”.

Check out “The Escape Pod” room here.

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