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“Music is one of the few universally emotionally appealing experiences for the human species. Language is not even a barrier to enjoyment. Like most of you, I find the quality of sound to be very important in my music listening experience. I have spent the better portion of my life pursuing a more emotionally engaging and lifelike music experience in my audio and theater systems. This is the core of my passion.

My goal with Audible Images is to provide knowledge to the consumer so that a good purchasing decision can be made. It is my belief that a true scale of performance is the key to good decision making. In order to help I believe that I need to provide an opportunity for all to experience some of the best of what is available. To achieve this I have created a listening environment in my showroom that is designed to act as a reference point.

If you have a piece of gear that you would like to hear in a controlled environment and compared to a reference please feel free to schedule an appointment to bring it in to my reference room.”

– Ed Masterson, Owner/Engineer


Ed & Erika MastersonEd Masterson

Ed is an “audiophile” by definition…what this means is that he is driven by a passion to create the most “life like” sound possible. With an ultimate goal to give people the opportunity to experience a believable three dimensional image before them. Thus the name “Audible Images”.

He grew up in a family of Hobby and professional musicians. Ed never took up an instrument, but due to his exposure to live instruments he became acutely aware of how stereos did not sound like the “real” thing…this is how his passion began.

As a child, Ed started playing with clock radios and car stereos, this led him to attain a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Central Florida. His Electrical Engineering Career limited his passion for sound to a hobby. After working at Kennedy Space Center for a Defense Contractor, he then moved to California (Silicon Valley) to work in the development of machines that create computer chips. He designed power distribution and control systems for equipment. Eventually he took a position in Santa Cruz, Ca (close to some of the best surf in the world) as a division manager that designed industrial computers w/ custom LCD displays. During this time as an Engineer his passion for audio remained constant. He worked at a high end audio store on Sundays just for fun.then he started writing Audio and video equipment reviews for an online magazine called the Audio Revolution (now called ).

Eventually Ed decided to align his work with his passion in a new position designing home entertainment and automation systems.  In 2003, Ed and his Family moved back to Brevard County, Florida, and Ed began his career in the Stereo & Home Theater industry by working as a System Designer and Consultant for a local company in Rockledge.  After 3 years of designing and providing Stereo & High End Home Theater Systems, Ed ventured out to begin his own company, called Audible Images AV.  His dream of owning his own Stereo Store had finally become a reality. 

Take a look at two Slideshows, the first here is for some of the Custom Integration projects provided by Audible Images AV in the slideshow here.  And the second slideshow is on our AV Dream Designs page here.  

bio-miguelMiguel Velez, Jr.
Installation Mgmt.

Miguel A. Velez, Jr., fulfills two critically important service components for the Audible Images family. This would be Customer Service handling skills and Installation & Repair of Appliances & Electronics.

After attending college at Broward Community College and classes at Florida State, Miguel’s first 3 years of business experience were handling Customer Service issues with Sears, followed by two years at UPS.

The next eight years Miguel handled in-home customer major appliance repairs along with installations. He also installed home system electronics and DirectTV with an excellent record of customer satisfaction. In addition, Miguel scheduled home repair calls and negotiated with consumers on repair bills.

In 2002, Miguel created the company Stellar Theater Technologies, Inc., and thru 2007, he handled In-home consultations, installations, sales, scheduling of client appointments and sub-contractor and employee scheduling.

With all his hands on experience in working closely with customer issues, and intensive home electronics installation experience, Miguel is an integral part of our Customer Service mix.

Coincidentally, while Miguel’s family was on a photo shoot with Erika Masterson, Miguel had the opportunity to discuss his Electronics business with Erika, and soon afterward, a friendship and working alliance was formed between Miguel and Ed Masterson, Erika’s husband. The rest is history. (pardon the cliche´ 🙂

Erika Masterson

Ed and Erika set out with a goal to have a business that would allow them to apply their passions equally by creating amazing high performance entertainment systems that not only blended into the home but could make an artistic statement.

Erika is an award winning photographic artist that is known not only for beautiful photographic images, but also for her ability to creatively display her art. Combining Eds technical skills and Erika’s Art and design skills, has inspired them to create some truly “original” products That they hope will revolutionize the Audio/video industry.

When you get the opportunity to tour the Studio and Showroom on Pineapple Avenue in Melbourne, and specifically the unique photographic art display of Erika’s work throughout the Showroom we hope you will find it inspiring and warm.  See Erika’s website and her artwork online here.


Art Hansen
Marketing & Misc.

So what is my place and function for Audible Images? I share all the fun that I have experimenting & putting different stereo systems together into blog posts and Social Media. Plus, I ask a lot of questions, maybe too many,  with Ed, and share those answers on our website and Social posts.

Okay, so there must be a specific job function & title, because I am getting paid right? Yep. Here’s what Ed asked me to do.

Ed loves this hobby, he is really passionate about it. And, he wants other people to feel the same way, each and every time someone new, or returning, walks through our showroom door.

The problem is, Ed cannot stand Sales itself, Sales tactics or Aggressive Sales people. Now, he knows, we need to have sales, so that he can pay all his bills, keep his Wife and Family comfortable, pay us, and drive his not too late of a model Porsche Cayenne (not an old one either, 2009), but he does love a Sports car, and he does love Porsche.

So he just asked me, to help him with his Marketing (I’ll give my creds down below), and try to help build up our Industry for Audiophiles, and specifically, the folks within a 1/2 day’s drive of our showroom. He knows I love this stuff, I am new to this stuff, so yeah, I don’t have the terminology down yet , or at all, but he wants me to write about my experiences in the showroom, at home, learn all I can, ask questions to help all people on our “Quick Takes with Ed Masterson” video series, and really, just let people know just how fun this is to walk through the process of building a system and always trying to make it sound better.

So there you have it.

I did go to UCF with Ed. Actually, to give you the Full Short Story, Ed and I met at BCC (Brevard Community College) I believe in Calc 2 class, or maybe Physics. We were both studying Engineering. Anyhow, we met, and I suppose one day after class, we started talking about our interests. Turns out we were both Car Stereo Fanatics and we both loved Surfing. I had already been surfing for a number of years, Ed, well he was taking a physical ed Surfing class at BCC, and the seed was planted for him then, regarding the addiction of Surfing. Later, we all chose to go to UCF, and so we were roommates along with our friend Jonathan. Ed studied Electrical Engineering, and I was working on Computer Engineering, until I finished the math part. (Attained about 2/3 of my Engineering degree) I enjoyed the Calc and Differentials, I did, but for personal reasons, I had to switch majors, so I switched over to Marketing, and ended up with a Marketing, Business Admin & Sub-minor in Engineering. Which the Marketing I do also enjoy. But regardless, Ed & I stayed in touch, and now after Audible Images has passed the 10 year mark, he pulled me in to help with his Marketing, so that he could spend more time teaching customers more about how to build their hobby & systems.

So, when you read our website blog posts, or our Facebook posts, in most cases, it is not Ed, it’s me. Twitter, or Linked In, yeah, that’s mostly me too sharing stories, articles, new vendor things, posting our YouTube videos and more. And if you haven’t noticed already, all this stuff is just going down in my own personal way, not real formal or report like if you will.

It is my goal, to help your interests grow in this hobby. I hope that you will learn some things from Ed, enjoy our writings and videos, maybe subscribe to some of our stuff, and alas, encourage you to just walk on into our showroom. Come in to meet all of us, myself, Miguel and especially Ed, so that you can just feel the fun, so you can feel free to pick Ed’s brain, and sit back with us, and just enjoy listening in our showroom to your favorite tunes. And while you’re here we want you to learn how a home stereo system and your favorite music, can really sound. How it can open your soul like it’s supposed to, bring back some fond memories, and then share those with your Friends, Family in your own home, with your own awesome sounding system. And a system, if I may add, that no one feels inclined to say, “Hey, Can you turn that down!”, because your stereo or theater sounds Exceptional.


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