Audible Images AV customer Scott Hurley talks about Ed Masterson

Audible Images AV customer Scott Hurley talks about Ed Masterson’s Acoustic treatment and engineered approach to optimizing Scott’s listening room and Ultra High End system.

An interesting aspect in this wonderful customer testimonial, is how Scott actually had some nice high end gear, but the room was lacking in any engineered acoustic treatment and the most critical step of any AV system, the system tuning, had never been done by someone that was skilled & trained in the fine tuning of a system.

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Scott Hurley speaks about Ed Masterson

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”

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J. Gordon Holt  |  Jul 29, 1993

 As J. Gordon Holt, the author of Audio Glossary, explains in the article here:

Wilson Audio’s – Speaker Placement Training: Quick Takes with Ed Masterson

How important is Tuning a system? Is Speaker placement a part of that? How important is training your ears?

Quick Takes with Ed Masterson: Ed continues on his admiration for Wilson Audio gained from his training from them in Utah when he became a Wilson Audio authorized dealer. He talks about Dave Wilson’s obsession and how Dave’s life’s work has created a culture at Wilson of excellence. Attention to detail seems to be a cornerstone of this great company and in fact, all companies.

Quick Takes with Ed Masterson: Wilson Audio’s - Speaker Placement Training