Audible Images AV Acoustically Designed High-End Theater

Hear It. See It. Believe It!

Audible Images AV founded in 2007, is Brevard County’s Premier home theater designer and high-end audio specialist. Ed Masterson, owner and engineer, specializes in Engineered Acoustic design and sound isolation, high-end theater design and quality custom installations.

Not only do we provide premier electronics solutions, we also design custom cabinetry for your audio gear that is engineered with ventilation, crucial for your components life expectancy. For audiophiles and music enthusiasts, we design and build an adjustable high-end rack system, engineered from aluminum, filled with sand and calibrated for your custom acoustical design. This provides a stable platform that does not resonate with the music vibration. We carry the top speaker and electronic brands for top quality sound for any premier home theater, family media room or high-end audio listening room. Call today 321-626-3898 for an appointment to experience the difference for yourself in one of our three reference rooms. .

The difference is Audible!

Audible Images AV

Check out our latest Brevard County Florida acoustically designed high-end theater by Audible Images AV

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