Audible Images AV talks with Bill McKiegan, President of Dan D’Agostino

So what does this Progression preamplifier that Bill McKiegan talks about, mean to Ultra High End AV folks, as the baby brother to the Dan D’Agostino “Momentum” preamp?  If I want to go all the way in Ultra High End equipment,  would this be a major compromise or a wise choice in my first Ultra High End AV system?

Ed Masterson talks with Bill McKiegan, President of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems.

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”

An excerpt from the video, from Bill McKiegan: “The brand new Progression preamplifier is the second preamplifier that we have produced. It is the baby brother to our Momentum preamplifier which is the flagship part of our line up the Momentum series. This is the first preamp in the Progression series again, it’s sort of the baby brother series to the to the Momentum and it builds on what we have done in the Momentum series audio wise circuitry and audio wise mechanically it is very similar.  The lessons we learned on the momentum side we stole as much as we could and then put it into this new package in the Progression series.”

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Audible images AV with Dennis Chern from Martin Logan

Ed Masterson from Audible Images AV talks with Dennis Chern from Martin Logan.

Audible images AV with Dennis Chern from Martin Logan

Audeze I-Sine 20 headphones, great on Vacations with Family

Just how easy and awesome is using some I-Sine 20 headphones when you’re driving on a family vacation, or headed on a plane trip?

Ed Masterson at Audible images AV Melbourne, Fl talks about Audeze Headphones.

Shared by Ed “As most you know I spent most of my time in front of a bigger sound system with speakers and things, but occasionally the need for a good headphone system arises and just coincidentally and just in time for summer and some family travels, vacation stuff….the I-Sine 20, a product from Audeze an awesome set of headphones…they give me that planer magnetic or electrostatic speaker experience… it’s sonically incredible just like it’s a true high-end system, I use it with an iPhone and you know one of the neat features they have is their their iPhone adapter and I use with “Tidal” on my iPhone with high quality streaming…and you know it’s a great experience when the base almost hits you hard…”

Ed Masterson talks about Audeze I-Sine 20 Headphones

Ed Masterson talks about the Cronus Magnum II from Rogue Audio

Ed Masterson talks about the Cronus Magnum II from Rogue Audio.

Shared in Video: “Rogue Audio American-made amplifiers combining the finest tube circuitry with meticulous engineering…Rogue Audio amplifiers an intelligent indulgence…today we’re going to talk a little bit about my newest product line the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 2 and I’m pretty excited to be able to bring very high performance at a I’ll call a reasonable price point for those people looking to play music in their house but keep it simple, you know basic stereo…this is a fantastic way to get going you know for a long time people have felt like tubes have an advantage…lower price points… the tubes tend to have an advantage of the mid-range of the high so it’s just it’s kind of hard to let go of if you want to sit back and really enjoy your music and just find yourself melting into the music for hours…
you know a nice vacuum tube amplifier is pretty magical and Rogue Audio saw that they they kind of figured that out a few years ago and started making right here in America in Pennsylvania… the Cronus Magnum that was a hundred watts per channel has just driven every pair of speakers I’ve hooked up to it wonderfully without  hesitation so it has broad application…I’m using a blue sound piece right now feeding it for it’s a streamer piece and using a pair of Martin Logan as a whole system together is it’s about six thousand dollars ($2500 for the integrated amp alone) and you know that’s not an inexpensive system… but when you hear what it does it’s it’s pretty spectacular later on we’re gonna bring in a turntable hook it up since it does have a phono stage built into it along with a headphone amp…”

Audible images AV talks about Rogue Audio's Cronus Magnum II Integrated Amplifier.

Audible Images AV Melbourne, FL talks about dCS Rossini – Only the Music

As the Newbie to this Hobby/Industry, and as the blogger,  what questions regarding dCS & the Rossini, might one ask for the seasoned Audiophile and for the less informed but High End lover, of this insight from Ed in the video?

Q.   How does this product video help Me,  a Consumer (but not a Geek yet) who definitely likes their Music to sound Incredibly Real and Live performance sounding ?

Q.   What does this mean to an Audiophile fully knowledgeable in audio recording formats and Ultra High End Gear, but have not heard a DAC at this level?

A.    Ed Masterson’s Passion is to design, provide and tune your system to the most Exceptional Sound Quality possible. 

So, If you have an Ultra High End System or are considering one, with for example two Monobloc Amplifiers (left and right speaker separates) and a Ultra High End Preamplifier (volume control & music source receiver if you will),  then what component/s might one use to balance out the rest of your Ultra High End components, for your digital media?

Enjoy the Video!   I just love the Passion…

Ed Masterson talks about dCS Rossini - Only the Music

“Enabling Your Music to Sound Incredible Again”

Audible Images AV Listening rooms

Feel the Music.

Feel the Emotions when you are taken back to that special time, that special place, with that very special person.

Call ahead, but only to let us know if you want to hear some specific equipment so we can have it ready for you. Our showroom hours are below.

If you just want to walk in and hear your favorite 3 or 4 tunes, during showroom hours, then just come on in and we’ll play them for you.  Listen in all three of our listening rooms.

When you hear your favorites in “The Transporter” room,  we promise that you’ll be mind-blown.  And there’s No pressure, just pure pleasure.

If you’d like to know what equipment we have available for audition in each of the three listening rooms, then take a look at our Listening Rooms page here, and then you can explore the equipment in each room.

Ed enjoys fellow Audiophiles.  So you are welcome to stop on by to chat or listen.  We hope to see you soon!

Take a brief tour in the Listening Rooms video below.

Audible Images AV Listening rooms

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”

Ed Masterson talks about the Brinkman Bardo Turntable at Audible Images AV

Just how simple is it to operate the Brinkman Bardo Turntable?

Ed Masterson talks about the newest Analog source at Audible Images AV, the Brinkman Bardo Magnetic Drive Turntable with the Sumiko Audio Palo Santos Presentation Cartridge.  The preamp is the Audio Research Reference Phono 3.

Ed Masterson talks about the Brinkman Bardo Turntable at Audible Images AV

“Enabling Your Music to Sound Incredible Again”

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The Healing Power of Music of all Kinds and Sources

DCS on board now and meet the Rep

We had a visit with the dCS Rep Brad O’Toole.  

Check out the dCS products that we demonstrate on our showroom floor here.


Our first install of the Wilson Audio Alexx with custom stands

Wow! Our first install of the Wilson Audio Alexx for a standing listening position. Wilson produced a custom set of stands to elevate the Alexx to the appropriate height for this listening position! We had to then figure out how to lift these 450 lb beauties 2 feet off the ground!