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Quick Takes with Ed Masterson: Noise Issues – Part 3

Whenever we look at reducing noise in an Audio (stereo) system, it’s because in the end, we want our sound quality to go up, Right?

So, when we take a look at some high end gear, as Audiophiles, and we ask the question, why do they have a separate Power Supply from the Amplifier, in Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems electronics?

It comes back to the fact, that noise is everywhere and it is an enemy of the audiophile. Noise gets into a system in components, cables, RF and many other ways.

In this excellent four part series Ed addresses noise with some great tips on how to eliminate it. And here in part 3:

Enjoy Ed’s explanation as an Electrical Engineer Audiophile, regarding some of the components in high end gear, why some components are separate and their purpose in Audio electronics, so that you may gain some powerful insight.

If you would like to hear about Dan D’Agostino and how he has become somewhat of a legend in the Industry for high end Amplifiers, etc, check out this very next link, an interview with the President of Dan D’Agostino, Bill McKiegan.

Below are the links for parts 1, 2 and 4 in this 4-part series:

Part 1   Part 2   Part 4

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Quick Takes with Ed Masterson: Noise Issues Part 3

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Do you pick speakers or electronics first? – Quick Takes with Ed Masterson

Do you pick your speakers first, or should you pick electronics first?

Whenever someone puts together a new Audio/Stereo system the allocation of budget is a big decision to make. In this Quick Take, Ed chimes in on his approach. Perhaps the old paradigm of 50% towards speakers and 50% for the rest of the system, may be outdated thinking.

Watch the video to hear some solid and experience backed up input on what Ed has learned is best!

Quick Takes with Ed Masterson: Do you pick speakers or electronics first?

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”

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