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Do the REL G1 Mark II sub-woofer / sub-base speakers really earn their name as a “Rock of Gibraltar” for your System?

These new stacks of REL Sub-base systems in our “Transporter” reference room have opened a whole new door of musicality when listening to 2 Channel Ultra High End Stereo.  And in multi channel, the combo of the REL stacks left & right up front, and the JL Audio F212’s left & right centered in the back truly make concert DVD’s, Blu-Ray & Cable sound and feel live.  Actually, with your favorite song it takes your breath away.

You might think I owe a minor apology for the cliche’ of my post title, but I do suspect that REL Acoustics wanted that metaphor in place (the “G1” does in fact stand for Gibraltar), even if only in the most subtle manner 🙂

Well, I’m telling you with pleasure, these two Reference Line Array stacks, as REL calls them, transform your system in a bit more then a subtle manner.

In the A/V world, I believe subwoofers occupy the space in most folks minds as the speakers that mostly just go boom, when you’re watching a movie.  

However, when I think about the height, the depth and the feel of the soundstage in a 2 channel stereo system and how we all want that most accurate image of the live concert replayed in our homes, I have recently learned and experienced that having an accurately setup 2 channel sub base system is exactly what is missing from even the best of 3 way floorstander speakers.

What could be better, JL Audio filling in all the deep base punch in the back of the room, and a stack of 6 REL subs filling in the range of music so that the entire 15 to 120 hz bass comes in natural? These REL G1 stacks provide adjustment in each array of 3 that allow you to specify the range for each. Now all the music coming to you is provided at the different height levels of how they normally reach you and  in the most natural way that bass can warm your senses.

I have heard my friend and boss, Ed Masterson speak many times of how it is critical to establish a Reference room that is acoustically optimized and filled with well chosen  ultra high end gear.  Once you have that reference room, you can then gauge other rooms as to what might be missing or perhaps even superior to your reference room.  In our custom built reference room “The Transporter”, I might have thought that the soundstage couldn’t get much better. 

See Slideshow below.

Note, regarding the slideshow.  The first photo shows the front of the “Transporter” reference room before the REL Audio Sub-base speakers were in place. The JL Audio Fathom 212’s behind the left & right Wilson Alexx speakers are now in the back of the room (not because they’ve been bad), they just serve a different purpose then the REL’s and the JL’s finish the multi-channel system.  The next photos show the REL in their Reference Line Array stacks , along with a single sub, and the slides are completed with a couple of iPad photos I shot with the new stacks in place. (Believe me, we are waiting for the Real photographer to capture the awesome, Ed’s wife Erika 🙂

To be continued…

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Audible Images AV is excited to be serving: Melbourne, Florida, Rockledge, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Port St. John, Satellite Beach, Space Coast, Vero Beach, Orlando, Daytona, Kissimmee, Central Florida, the entire state of Florida…and even the greater USA

Our Roon “Nucleus” Music Server is now in our showroom at Audible Images AV

To say we’re excited is an understatement!

We just got in our Roon “Nucleus” Music Server from Roon.  It takes files and/or iTunes libraries from the PC (or multiple PC’s), Ripped Music stored on our NAS drive or even a USB hard drive if we still had one, Content from our Tidal streaming services,

then Roon after it identifies our music, it then enhances it with the latest metadata in a graphic presentation as enjoyable as looking at an album cover.  

See the slideshow below.

Our new Roon “Nucleus” & 2 Roon Labs photos

(Images 2 & 3 compliments of Roon Labs website

Audible Images AV is excited to be serving: Melbourne, Florida, Rockledge, Merritt Island, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Port St. John, Satellite Beach, Space Coast, Vero Beach, Orlando, Daytona, Kissimmee, Central Florida, the entire state of Florida…

Alexx 1 Debut Video

Wilson Audio’s “Alexx” is available at Audible Images AV in Melbourne, FL.

Back on February 25 2017 from 12-5 pm we had a big Debut with all kinds of wonderful people there. We had Bill Peugh from Wilson Audio, Bill McKiegan, President of Dan D’agostino Master Audio Systems and Bob McConnell from Transparent Audio. 

Whether you’re in the hunt for some new stereo or A/V gear or not,  Just stop on in during our Showroom hours and come have a great listening experience, one like you have never had before.

Let Ed or one of us share an incredible demonstration of not only the “Alexx” speakers in our Transporter theater, but also experience High Performance audio in our other two Listening / Reference rooms.

Alexx 1 Debut

Ed Masterson talks about the Cronus Magnum II from Rogue Audio

Ed Masterson talks about the Cronus Magnum II from Rogue Audio.

Shared in Video: “Rogue Audio American-made amplifiers combining the finest tube circuitry with meticulous engineering…Rogue Audio amplifiers an intelligent indulgence…today we’re going to talk a little bit about my newest product line the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 2 and I’m pretty excited to be able to bring very high performance at a I’ll call a reasonable price point for those people looking to play music in their house but keep it simple, you know basic stereo…this is a fantastic way to get going you know for a long time people have felt like tubes have an advantage…lower price points… the tubes tend to have an advantage of the mid-range of the high so it’s just it’s kind of hard to let go of if you want to sit back and really enjoy your music and just find yourself melting into the music for hours…
you know a nice vacuum tube amplifier is pretty magical and Rogue Audio saw that they they kind of figured that out a few years ago and started making right here in America in Pennsylvania… the Cronus Magnum that was a hundred watts per channel has just driven every pair of speakers I’ve hooked up to it wonderfully without  hesitation so it has broad application…I’m using a blue sound piece right now feeding it for it’s a streamer piece and using a pair of Martin Logan as a whole system together is it’s about six thousand dollars ($2500 for the integrated amp alone) and you know that’s not an inexpensive system… but when you hear what it does it’s it’s pretty spectacular later on we’re gonna bring in a turntable hook it up since it does have a phono stage built into it along with a headphone amp…”

Audible images AV talks about Rogue Audio's Cronus Magnum II Integrated Amplifier.

Our first install of the Wilson Audio Alexx with custom stands

Wow! Our first install of the Wilson Audio Alexx for a standing listening position. Wilson produced a custom set of stands to elevate the Alexx to the appropriate height for this listening position! We had to then figure out how to lift these 450 lb beauties 2 feet off the ground!