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Audible Images AV customer Scott Hurley talks about Ed Masterson

Audible Images AV customer Scott Hurley talks about Ed Masterson’s Acoustic treatment and engineered approach to optimizing Scott’s listening room and Ultra High End system.

An interesting aspect in this wonderful customer testimonial, is how Scott actually had some nice high end gear, but the room was lacking in any engineered acoustic treatment and the most critical step of any AV system, the system tuning, had never been done by someone that was skilled & trained in the fine tuning of a system.

Enjoy the Video!

Scott Hurley speaks about Ed Masterson

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”

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Quick Takes with Ed Masterson: Noise Issues – Part 3

Whenever we look at reducing noise in an Audio (stereo) system, it’s because in the end, we want our sound quality to go up, Right?

So, when we take a look at some high end gear, as Audiophiles, and we ask the question, why do they have a separate Power Supply from the Amplifier, in Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems electronics?

It comes back to the fact, that noise is everywhere and it is an enemy of the audiophile. Noise gets into a system in components, cables, RF and many other ways.

In this excellent four part series Ed addresses noise with some great tips on how to eliminate it. And here in part 3:

Enjoy Ed’s explanation as an Electrical Engineer Audiophile, regarding some of the components in high end gear, why some components are separate and their purpose in Audio electronics, so that you may gain some powerful insight.

If you would like to hear about Dan D’Agostino and how he has become somewhat of a legend in the Industry for high end Amplifiers, etc, check out this very next link, an interview with the President of Dan D’Agostino, Bill McKiegan.

Below are the links for parts 1, 2 and 4 in this 4-part series:

Part 1   Part 2   Part 4

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Quick Takes with Ed Masterson: Noise Issues Part 3

President Bill McKiegan shares history of Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems w Ed Masterson

Okay, I’m stepping out of the content of this Video, and asking myself and You the question,  What would make a man, stick with Dan D’Agostino (the man & Highly respected, legendary Geek who started 2 companies),  from 1994 to present, two different companies, like 24 years?  Why would Bill McKiegan take the chance of leaving a great company “Krell” and stand with Dan starting the company “D’Agostino Master Audio Systems” ?

Ed Masterson of Audible Images AV and Bill McKiegan, President of D’Agostino Master Audio Systems have a candid discussion of the history behind the Man who created Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems (the brand), Dan D’Agostino (the Man).

They also dive into what’s going on down the pipeline of the company.

Excellent candid discussion.

Bill McKiegan President of D'Agostino shares history of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”

Audible Images AV talks with Bill McKiegan, President of Dan D’Agostino

So what does this Progression preamplifier that Bill McKiegan talks about, mean to Ultra High End AV folks, as the baby brother to the Dan D’Agostino “Momentum” preamp?  If I want to go all the way in Ultra High End equipment,  would this be a major compromise or a wise choice in my first Ultra High End AV system?

Ed Masterson talks with Bill McKiegan, President of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems.

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”

An excerpt from the video, from Bill McKiegan: “The brand new Progression preamplifier is the second preamplifier that we have produced. It is the baby brother to our Momentum preamplifier which is the flagship part of our line up the Momentum series. This is the first preamp in the Progression series again, it’s sort of the baby brother series to the to the Momentum and it builds on what we have done in the Momentum series audio wise circuitry and audio wise mechanically it is very similar.  The lessons we learned on the momentum side we stole as much as we could and then put it into this new package in the Progression series.”

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Audible Images AV Melbourne, FL talks about dCS Rossini – Only the Music

As the Newbie to this Hobby/Industry, and as the blogger,  what questions regarding dCS & the Rossini, might one ask for the seasoned Audiophile and for the less informed but High End lover, of this insight from Ed in the video?

Q.   How does this product video help Me,  a Consumer (but not a Geek yet) who definitely likes their Music to sound Incredibly Real and Live performance sounding ?

Q.   What does this mean to an Audiophile fully knowledgeable in audio recording formats and Ultra High End Gear, but have not heard a DAC at this level?

A.    Ed Masterson’s Passion is to design, provide and tune your system to the most Exceptional Sound Quality possible. 

So, If you have an Ultra High End System or are considering one, with for example two Monobloc Amplifiers (left and right speaker separates) and a Ultra High End Preamplifier (volume control & music source receiver if you will),  then what component/s might one use to balance out the rest of your Ultra High End components, for your digital media?

Enjoy the Video!   I just love the Passion…

Ed Masterson talks about dCS Rossini - Only the Music

“Enabling Your Music to Sound Incredible Again”

Audible Images AV Listening rooms

Feel the Music.

Feel the Emotions when you are taken back to that special time, that special place, with that very special person.

Call ahead, but only to let us know if you want to hear some specific equipment so we can have it ready for you. Our showroom hours are below.

If you just want to walk in and hear your favorite 3 or 4 tunes, during showroom hours, then just come on in and we’ll play them for you.  Listen in all three of our listening rooms.

When you hear your favorites in “The Transporter” room,  we promise that you’ll be mind-blown.  And there’s No pressure, just pure pleasure.

If you’d like to know what equipment we have available for audition in each of the three listening rooms, then take a look at our Listening Rooms page here, and then you can explore the equipment in each room.

Ed enjoys fellow Audiophiles.  So you are welcome to stop on by to chat or listen.  We hope to see you soon!

Take a brief tour in the Listening Rooms video below.

Audible Images AV Listening rooms

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”