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AUDIO PASSION for Passion Driven Designs
ENGINEERED for Consistent High Quality Results
TUNING The Final & Critical Step


The Quest for the Ultimate Audio / Visual Experiences.

Ed Masterson, Engineer / Audiphile, has the Passion for each project, with a goal to create Sound so rich in detail, and so life like, that the listener (client) will feel that they have been transported in time & space  to the concert hall, movie scene or sporting event. THIS IS HIS PASSION.

Whether you  are building from the ground up, or working with a pre-existing space, we will help you design and build the system of your dreams.

If you find it difficult to stay away from your Stereo or Entertainment System, then we have accomplished our goal of creating the Passion for you.




How is a System Design Engineered?

  • Power distribution for clean, quiet power that is necessary for your equipment to perform.  
  • HVAC consulting for comfortable quiet listening rooms. (quiet comfort doesn’t come by accident)  
  • Lighting design: for optimum video performance, ease of use and comfort (lava lamps optional)
  • Acoustic optimization for the listener including speaker, equipment and acoustic treatment placement
  • Acoustic isolation to keep your listening room quiet & keep from bothering others when you really want to crank it up
  • Video projection system design for stunning video imagery 
  • Design/Specification of equipment  racks for structural support, as well as thermal & acoustic environmental optimization.  (so your equipment lasts & sounds the way it should)  
  • Cable / Wire management 
  • Custom remote control system that makes it easy for everyone to use

Come meet with Ed and find out what it means to have an Engineered system.


Why does a high end Sound system need to be tuned?  

Tuning is when the Magic happens!

Well, How important is it to tune a Piano the first year?

In the first year, the National Piano Manufacturers Association recommends that you have your piano tuned four times. This is a period of environmental adjustment for a new instrument, and proper attention is important. (See Piano Technicians Guild website on this here.)

If you could buy all the major components & assemble Your Own High Performance Sports Car (Porsche, AMG Mercedes, Ferrari, etc.),  would it perform as well as a factory built car tuned by the Factory Racing Team?  


Come into our Showroom to hear the difference, and learn why “System Tuning” is the Final & Critical Step for your System. 

Check out some of our AV Dream Design projects below…

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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

                                                                                                   Bob Marley


Call Ed Masterson.   Ph: (321) 626.3898

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