Custom Audio/Video Installation
System Design
System Design & Optimization
Home Theaters, Automation and more for New Construction or Retrofit designs. System designs are meticulously engineered to the specifics of each room we create, providing impeccable acoustic performance and an unparalleled entertainment experience for your home, office, or business.
More Dream Theater!
Interior Design Solutions
Interior Design Solutions
Take it to the next level with our beautiful custom installation solutions that transforms an ordinary TV appliance into a masterful “Digital Active Art Display” that also acts as a complete entertainment and computer system. Your state-of-the-art entertainment system can also be beautiful decor!
Beautiful Acoustic Design by Audible Images
System Design
Installation & Support
We offer help ranging from design consultation to complete turnkey systems. We perform traditional installations such as table top TV and cable box, wall mounted TV’s with hidden wiring, custom universal remote controls, system connection, training/instruction, system setup/programming, and system tuning.
Double Door Acoustic Sound Isolation
Interior Design Solutions
Automation & Whole House Audio
Ease of use is a key element in our systems. We create custom remote controls that make it easy for everyone in the house to enjoy the entertainment system. No need to be a techy or gadget person to use your entertainment system. We can make controlling just about any electronic system in your home easy. Whether you just want to make it easy to start a movie or if you want to control everything in your house from an IPAD we have the expertise and equipment to make it happen.