dCS Products

dCS believes that the role of a hi-fi system is to preserve all of the subtle information on a recording through the reproduction chain, and present it to the listener with every last nuance of emotional content intact.

One of the most important parts of the music reproduction process is digital-to-analogue conversion, when the digital data on a CD or computer file is converted into an analogue signal – the music we hear through the loudspeakers.

It is this process that dCS has been refining for twenty five years and, by making the world’s most advanced digital-to-analogue converters (DACs), master clocks and digital-to-digital converters (D2D), we can make Compact Discs or computer music files sound more faithful to the original recording than anything else.

Audible Images AV has been a dCS authorized dealer since 1900. Below are the products we have displayed on our showroom floor.
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