Custom Audio/Video Installation
Aerial Acoustics Model CC5


The Aerial Acoustics Model CC5 performs its demanding role at center stage with finesse and authority. A reference monitor design with a horizontal configuration, it remains uncolored and highly detailed at all listening levels with an astonishing degree of intelligibility and naturalness. Its midrange voice is vivid and lifelike, and upper frequencies are airy and extended. Bass is fast, articulate, and authoritative, blending particularly well with subwoofers. An honest tonal balance and superb dynamic capabilities serve to reproduce music and film soundtracks equally well.

Whether employed in a professional or home environment, the CC5 performs exceptionally as a primary loudspeaker, and particularly well at center position. Useful Environment and Treble controls optimize the response of the CC5 to suit its surroundings, insuring correctly balanced sound regardless of room or position. It is at home above or below a video display, on its purpose-designed stand, on a sturdy shelf, mounted into a wall, or placed in custom cabinetry.

An optional floor stand is available (shown in photo).

All Aerial loudspeaker systems are designed and constructed with fanatical attention to quality and detail. Decades of design and manufacturing experience have taught us that craftsmanship and technology go hand-in-hand when creating products of uncompromising performance and genuine long-term value. World class manufacturing techniques and production equipment are employed, complemented by the work of skilled craftsmen when only experienced hands will do.

Aerial Acoustics. Every detail matters.

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