Thumb Featured Nucleus Roon front

Roon Labs – Nucleus Music Server

Music Server for Roon

MSRP $2,498.00

$1,398.00 for Nucleus (standard version)

$2,498.00 for Nucleus+ as price above reflects

The Roon Nucleus is the center of your Roon music system. It’s not only a Butler that guides you thru your music library (who is very easy to understand by the way), but is also the housekeeper, the traffic cop, and the brain that takes care of all the digital music in your system. Using Nucleus (standard or +), Roon manages all your music – on hard drives, NAS (network attached storage), and streaming content – and allows you to play it on all the audio devices around your home.


Roon looks at your music and finds photos, bios, reviews, lyrics, and concert dates, and makes connections between artists, composers, performers, conductors, and producers.

What you get is a searchable, surfable magazine about your music.

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