Sonus Faber Products

27th June, 2017
The cabinet of a high end speaker has to follow some criteria in order to guarantee a standardized sound performance. A Sonus faber product takes advantage of these elements that contribute to create the typical sound of our loudspeaker, The Voice of Sonus faber. How? Let’s see it.

Every high end speaker must have a cabinet that is as thicker and rigid as possible, with a reinforced internal structure that can avoid the presence of spurious resonances; to avoid this, every high end speaker is completed with damping materials in places and quantity needed. Since the Nineties, thanks to in depth studies of Italian Lute making tradition, Sonus faber creates its speakers according to the rules of musical instruments manufacturing, specifically lutes and violins. Lute, in fact, have one of the most effective shapes in the “inner resonances tuning” and this is way Sonus faber designs its speakers’ cabinets following those shapes, specifically for the curvature of external walls. Cabinets so designed have no parallel walls, so to avoid stationary waves. This structure plus the wooden structure, make every cabinet resonate as the musical instruments, producing the most natural sound possible. In the latest years the experience and the evolution of the Sf R&D Team achieved a further innovation for cabinets, the use of the Aluminum that, combined with wood, improves structure rigidity and further absorb any residual micro vibration.

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