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Audible Images AV Melbourne, FL talks about dCS Rossini – Only the Music

As the Newbie to this Hobby/Industry, and as the blogger,  what questions regarding dCS & the Rossini, might one ask for the seasoned Audiophile and for the less informed but High End lover, of this insight from Ed in the video?

Q.   How does this product video help Me,  a Consumer (but not a Geek yet) who definitely likes their Music to sound Incredibly Real and Live performance sounding ?

Q.   What does this mean to an Audiophile fully knowledgeable in audio recording formats and Ultra High End Gear, but have not heard a DAC at this level?

A.    Ed Masterson’s Passion is to design, provide and tune your system to the most Exceptional Sound Quality possible. 

So, If you have an Ultra High End System or are considering one, with for example two Monobloc Amplifiers (left and right speaker separates) and a Ultra High End Preamplifier (volume control & music source receiver if you will),  then what component/s might one use to balance out the rest of your Ultra High End components, for your digital media?

Enjoy the Video!   I just love the Passion…  (see the Rossini product here after the video)

Ed Masterson talks about dCS Rossini - Only the Music

“Enabling Your Music to Sound Incredible Again”