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Audeze I-Sine 20 headphones, great on Vacations with Family

Just how easy and awesome is using some I-Sine 20 headphones when you’re driving on a family vacation, or headed on a plane trip?

Ed Masterson at Audible images AV Melbourne, Fl talks about Audeze Headphones.

Shared by Ed “As most you know I spent most of my time in front of a bigger sound system with speakers and things, but occasionally the need for a good headphone system arises and just coincidentally and just in time for summer and some family travels, vacation stuff….the I-Sine 20, a product from Audeze an awesome set of headphones…they give me that planer magnetic or electrostatic speaker experience… it’s sonically incredible just like it’s a true high-end system, I use it with an iPhone and you know one of the neat features they have is their their iPhone adapter and I use with “Tidal” on my iPhone with high quality streaming…and you know it’s a great experience when the base almost hits you hard…”

Ed Masterson talks about Audeze I-Sine 20 Headphones