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Audible Images AV talks with Bill McKiegan, President of Dan D’Agostino

So what does this Progression preamplifier that Bill McKiegan talks about, mean to Ultra High End AV folks, as the baby brother to the Dan D’Agostino “Momentum” preamp?  If I want to go all the way in Ultra High End equipment,  would this be a major compromise or a wise choice in my first Ultra High End AV system?

Ed Masterson talks with Bill McKiegan, President of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems.

“Enabling Your Music to sound Incredible Again”

An excerpt from the video, from Bill McKiegan: “The brand new Progression preamplifier is the second preamplifier that we have produced. It is the baby brother to our Momentum preamplifier which is the flagship part of our line up the Momentum series. This is the first preamp in the Progression series again, it’s sort of the baby brother series to the to the Momentum and it builds on what we have done in the Momentum series audio wise circuitry and audio wise mechanically it is very similar.  The lessons we learned on the momentum side we stole as much as we could and then put it into this new package in the Progression series.”

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