The Pacemaker

Why is our Blog called the Pacemaker?

I was riding back from a client’s home with Ed one day, when he checked messages on his phone, and one was from a very anxious customer/client.  This message was from what we would call an Ultra High End client.  They were having an issue with a media server, meaning that they could not stream music from their online music source such as Tidal, Spotify, etc. , so essentially, their system was down.  (a minor ongoing issue at some time or other for the entire Industry actually), It had been 3 or 4 hours since the client left a message for our Service Dept, so they were calling back because they had heard nothing back from us yet.

Ed hit the roof with this.  His almost exact words, “This is Unacceptable that ____ ____ should have to wait 4 hours for a phone call back on his system being down.”  Ed continued on to say, “Ultra High End clients must be treated as though it were a Pacemaker implant surgery that we were monitoring for them.”

He was very upset, and yes the issue was addressed promptly, after seeing that message.  It just so happened that everyone at Audible, was just unavailable for phone calls for a two hour window.

I made a mental note of this, as I said to myself, ‘I wish all businesses had this same guideline & compass for focusing on serving their customers’.

So, I  decided that an appropriate name for the Blog would be “The Pacemaker”.   

Personal Side Note:  Ed is a really easy going, enjoys to laugh regularly kind of guy.  Sure he can certainly be very intense with how he feels client customer service should be handled, especially on Ultra High End clients (because at the level of spending they have with us and trust that they must develop in Ed and Audible Images, they pretty much deserve 4-5 star service if you will). But most of the time, he is laughing, cutting up and enjoys talking with folks about things Audiophile.

About our Audiophile Blog

I have broken up the blogging into groups of three categories:  Ultra High End,  High End,  General Audiophiles.  

The drop down menu above takes you to which ever blog/category page you desire to visit. (note: those 3 pages are coming soon)

We hope you enjoy what we share.

Thank You.

Art Hansen

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