The Transporter

Ultra High End High Performance System

Be prepared to be Transported to that special moment in time, that one song, that person you were with…

What was that one experience for you?  Let us replay it for you where it sounds better than live!

Nothing can prepare you for the bone rattling, subterranean bass that is felt as much as it is heard! Sounds so rich in detail, it will transport you to concert halls, movie scenes and live sporting events. At this level, you get another “D” dimension.

I Need Exercise, Bring Me Something to Crank!


See equipment below.


Amplifier / Preamp / Theater

  • Dan D’Agostino Progression Mono Blocks, MSRP $19,000.00 / ea., 500 watts into 8 ohms.  See the Product here.
  • Dan D’Agostino Master Power 3+ (3 Channel) Amplifier,  MSRP $17,500.00, 300 watts @ 8Ω See the Product here.
  • Dan D’Agostino Momentum Preamplifier 2 Channel, MSRP $35,000.00, 2 Channel Stereo Preamplifier. (Alexx Speakers for stereo)  See the Product here.
  • McIntosh MX160 A/V 7.1.4 Channel Preamplifier / Theater Processor, MSRP $14,000.  See the Product here.

Power Conditioning / Cabling


  • Wilson Audio Alexx Speaker, MSRP $109,000.00 /pr, Alexx draws from both recent designs such as the Alexia and the Sabrina, as well as the WAMM. (Front L & R)  See the Product here.
  • Wilson Audio Mezzo Speaker , MSRP $16,000.00 each plus stand.  (Center Channel) See the Product here.
  • Wilson Audio Yvette Speaker, MSRP, $25,500 /pr.  (Rear L & R)  See the Product here.
  • Wilson Audio Sabrina Speaker ,  MSRP $16,500.00 /pr (Rear L & R)  See the Product here.
  • JL Audio Fathom f212 Powered Subwoofer , MSRP $14,000.00/pr, Powered Subwoofer with Dual 12-inch Subwoofer Drivers, 3000 watts (Front L & R Subwoofers)  See the Product here.
  • REL Acoustics G1 Mark II Reference Series Subwoofers, MSRP $5500 /ea. x 6 Subs.  They are setup in what is called Reference Line Array stacks of 3 (3 x $5500), one stack on the left and right front in the corner. Total of 6 Subwoofers. You’ve got to here it!  See the added photo of a stack of 3 in the gallery below.  The REL stack of 3 is the last photo in the gallery below.  See the Product here.

Projector / Screen

Runco Projector

Stewart Filmscreen



  • dCS Vivaldi DAC w/ Master Clock,  MSRP $50,998.00 (2 pcs),  See the Product here.
  • dCS Network Bridge – Digital Music Streamer to DAC interface, MSRP $4250.  See the Product here.
  • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series 2,  MSRP $19,500.00  See the Product here.
  • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB, MSRP $1,895.00  See the Product here.
  • OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Player , MSRP $1,199.00, Universal Blu-ray disc player with Blu-ray, DVD, SACD, DVD-Audio, CD, VCD, HDCD, AVCHD, MP4, AVI, and MKV support.  See the Product here.


  • Brinkmann Bardo Turntable includes 10.0 Tonearm, MSRP $10,000.00, magnetic direct drive turntable.   See the Product here.
  • Audio Research Reference Phono 3 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier, MSRP $14,000.00. See the Product here.

The Transporter Up Close - a Slideshow

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