Enjoy our 4 areas/pages of Videos below.  They’re all on our YouTube Channel.  You can also subscribe to our channel to hear more videos.  Please leave comments to let us know what you think!  Thanks.

AV Dream Designs Videos

AV Dream Designs - Videos Playlist Page

AV Dream Design videos include Customer Testimonials of Ultra High End systems that we have done, that were Acoustically optimized. Additionally, some videos will include new Ultra High End Gear added to the floor that you can Audition, interviews with special persons from Manufacturers of Ultra High End Gear and perhaps this list description will grow.

Quick Takes with Ed Masterson

Quick Takes with Ed Masterson - Playlist Page

If you want Raw candid questions on video, here ya go!  Off the cuff questions, totally Candid for Ed to answer from a Newbie to seasoned Audiophile questions. 

Candid Corner with the Industry

Candid Corner Videos Playlist

Candid Corner shares Industry Intel and more. Ed interviewing Manufacturer Representatives and others in the Industry in a candid setting, and some Off the Wall antics from Ed and Audible Images AV folks.  This description will be a growing one.

Ed's Insight Videos

Ed's Insight Videos Playlist

Ed’s tweaks, suggestions, and introduction excitement about new  products or items that we can audition on our Showroom Floor.

If you have any questions about products that we carry, or even questions about other topics in the world of AV, feel free to shoot us an email, and Ed will be glad to answer them in our Quick Takes or Ed’s Insight videos for you.

“Enabling Your Music to Sound Incredible Again”

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